Film packagings for the meat and poultry industry


Offer of film products for the meat and poultry industries

Pro-ecological antibacterial film is a safe and innovative alternative to barrier packaging and laminates. The mechanism of antibacterial action against bacteria and fungi used in its production extends the shelf life of food products. The more, the film is the best for food with a very short freshness period or a tendency to spoil quickly (meat, fruit, vegetables, delicatessen products and catering dishes).

Antibacterial film is a solution not only supporting and improving the safe storage of food, but also preventing economic losses. The film is made of 100% recyclable materials, which supports pro-ecological activities. Responding to the wide demand of food packaging and production plants, we assure that the film is compatible with reel machines, flowpack and traysealer.

The antibacterial film was developed under the conditions of the highest and restrictive phytosanitary standard, which is confirmed by the BRC (Packaging and Packaging material) certificate.

HiTec AntiMicrobialFilm®

Pro-ecological, antibacterial films and film packagings for fresh food

HiTec K-sealing®

Innovative K-Sealing bags for the food industry

HiTec BagonRoll®

Film bags and covers on a roll of the meat industry

HiTec BagonPin®

Film bags locked with pins, clips (HiTec BagonPin®) for the meat industry

HiTec Aprons®

Film aprons for the meat industry

HiTec PackFood®

Specialist films for packing and forming packages on automatic machines for forming and packing fresh food

HiTec ChickenBag®

Bags for packing poultry carcasses

HiTec StretchFood®

Film for direct contact with food

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