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The HiTec Film company was founded by the owner, Mr. Marcin Miaskowski, who had many-year experience in the film packaging industry and observation of the hygienic, pharmaceutical, food and, above all, meat industry. These observations prompted the owner to create a company that, in cooperation with the recipients, undertakes to solve problems related to product packaging and, of course, the implementation of new solutions in the film packaging industry, as well as a response to the key problems of the aforementioned industries.

We have been operating in the film packaging industry for nearly a decade. The continuous development of the company increases our group of recipients. We cooperate with many companies that are leaders in their industries. The products provided by us meet stringent requirements. We have one of the most modern machinery parks in Europe for the production of packaging. Currently, we are working on modern food packaging solutions that will extend the shelf life of food and enable the recovery of used packaging in a simple way, thus contributing to environmental protection.

Mission of the company 

The mission of the company is to search for and introduce new product solutions that respond to the market demand. The company conducts its activities in accordance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, considering the needs of its stakeholders and caring for the natural environment. It constantly strives to reduce the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste generated as well as the level of pollution, energy consumption, etc.

Purpose of the activity

The main purpose of the company’s activity is the production and distribution of modern products in accordance with the individual needs of customers. The company systematically develops its own technological potential, contributing to the constant development of the company and building its image as a modern, innovative unit with a stable and strong position. HiTec Film successively invests in technological facilities by purchasing a modern machinery park.

The largest advantages of HiTec Film include, first of all, offering modern products optimally selected in terms of technical and economic aspects, openness to customer suggestions, ongoing adaptation of products to customer expectations, as well as customer individual treatment. In addition, the company strives to develop products by conducting research and development works on new products. It also has its own laboratory infrastructure.

The HiTec Film company conducts regular analysis of the plastic packaging market, thus examining the demands, expectations and needs of customers. As part of researching the preferences of product recipients, the company considers its own market observations (direct meetings, participation in fairs, etc.) and quantitative research carried out on its own by means of telephone interviews. It is also worth emphasizing that the company managers take part in industry conferences and, by following specialist publications, analyse the latest solutions and market trends regarding the production and quality of film and the demand for it in individual industries.