Healthcare products


Healthcare products

Personal protective equipment involves products designed to protect human health and life. This group includes equipment intended to be worn or held by the user in order to protect against epidemiological threats that affect his safety and health.

We produce the highest quality products that include personal protective equipment:


Disposable film aprons (also made of antibacterial film) on a roll with tear-off perforation. Aprons are one of the elements of protective clothing/ In addition, they are an element of clothing necessary, in particular, when performing surgical procedures, medical procedures in hospitals and health care centres.


Disposable film gloves or disposable antibacterial and antiviral gloves provide a basic level of protection against microbes. They are made of film, LDPE, HDPE and of pro-ecological antibacterial film developed in the conditions of the highest and restrictive phytosanitary standard, which is confirmed by the BRC (Packaging and Packaging material) certificate.


Antibacterial films stuck in places where they are exposed to microbial contamination (panels and buttons in elevators, panels on intercoms, handrails for stairs, door handles, shopping carts, buttons on bus and tram doors, cash register touch screens, antibacterial film applied to floors and corridors at points healthcare and pharmacies

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