Film bags and covers on a roll of the meat industry

HiTec BagonRoll®

Film bags and covers on a roll of the meat industry

HiTec BagonRoll®

In the bag production process, we use a dedicated machinery park for the production of bags in a rolled form with tear-off perforation. This form of rolling the bags on top of each other ensures that they are kept to a high standard of cleanliness. In addition, the use of a simple applicator, on which a roll with bags is attached, results in efficiently and quickly using this form of delivered bags, e.g. in the cutting and portioning zone.

Special characteristics of HiTec BagonRoll® bags:


High-quality seals and tear-off perforation make the bags tear off with great ease and precision


Possibility to roll the bags on a thin-walled cardboard sleeve with a diameter of 50mm and 76mm


Perfectly adjusted for cardboard boxes and plastic containers


Possibility of making covers for octabins or pallets for large containers, the maximum width of the flat cover without side folds is: 2.0 m


Possible flexographic printing up to 4 colours


They have the approval of the National Institute of Hygiene and migration tests.

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