Innovative K-Sealing bags for the food industry

Hi Tec K-Sealing®

Innovative K-Sealing bags for the food industry

HiTec K-Sealing®

We use our knowledge and experience in the production of patented K-sealing bags. Innovative bags are used to line containers or cartons for fresh meat. They have a K-shaped seal, allow for even distribution of the pressure force of the packed product to the middle of the bag, eliminating microcracks on the seal, which are very often the cause of leakage of liquid substances such as plasma, blood, gelatin, and as a result, they cause the cartons to get wet and destroy them.

Special characteristics of HiTec K-sealing® bags:


Perfectly adjusted for cardboard boxes or plastic containers,


Speeds up the process of lining a box or cardboard, saving time,


No pockets for collecting blood, plasma, meat scraps, loose materials


Made of the highest quality ingredients approved for contact with food


Possibility to make bags based on a proprietary, patented, innovative, pro-ecological antibacterial film,


Possible flexographic printing up to 4 colours


They have the approval of the National Institute of Hygiene and specific migration tests also for IQF deep freezing applications

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